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from Run V​.​T. by Ian Evans

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This was worked out on guitar over a couple of weeks; usually whilst playing it to my new son and pretending he was giving me feedback. He did laugh a lot, as I sang some potential words - I was thinking about how odd it must be to first appear in the world (and have to work out for yourself what everything means and what the rules are). I heard the chorus in my head one day, and it sounded happily unlike my usual style. I thought it should develop into a proggy tune, so I worked out lots of instrumental bits and time changes to fit it around. It’s nice to work slowly sometimes and really review every possible note - Some tunes are best to bash out, while others respond to chiselling.


When you’re born you have a body, which you don’t know is one
You have to discover what is you and what is separate (son)

The things that you’re seeing are the same things that you touch
And that thing poking you in the face is you (you’ll learn)

I am an animal!
Made from 50% of human lovers
Like a colony of cells in mutualism
We are two animals!
You’re an object and there are other objects
Some feel like you, but vary with experience
Be glad to be an animal!
Although it’s annoying to be objectified, humans are objects with traits that can be recognised
All the descriptions of paradise copy from our material universe
There is nothing better than what we’re feeling

If your body was designed to receive things, it might make you inclined to be more choosy and to want things right

If you had a sting that wasn’t barbed, it might make you freer about wanting to use it


* “When you’re born, you have a body which you don’t know is one” – This is true of babies. They don’t know whether things they’re sensing are part of them or separate

* “The things that you’re seeing are the same things you touch” – I thought this was an interesting idea – if you were newly born, you wouldn’t realise that the colours, sounds and touches that you’re sensing are impressions of the same things

* “That thing poking you in the face is you” – Babies hit themselves and get upset, because they can’t control their arms and don’t realise that it’s them doing it!

* “Colonies of cells in mutualism” – Some biologists have suggested that animals are communities of single celled organisms teaming up

* “You’re an object and there are other objects” – I love this idea! When you arrive in the universe you have to work out what you are and how you should and can relate to other things

* “Be glad to be an animal” – Damn right! We’re so lucky to have our thoughts and bodies

* “Although it’s annoying to be objectified, humans are objects with traits that can be recognised” – I was thinking about feminism here and how women might complain about being objectified... They’re right of course, as most men are turned on by visual stimuli and could be attracted to a woman with no personality at all. That doesn’t mean that they *don’t* see women as people though, just that their fantasies don’t necessarily rely on it. Mine certainly do, but I think the whole point of fantasising is that it *is* a fantasy... It’s a way to have fun with your imagination in a harmless way. You might not want to be a sex object, but everyone’s body *is* an object and it does have sexual characteristics, which others recognise. It’s how they handle that that’s an issue

* “All the descriptions of paradise copy from our material universe” – Nietzsche said this... Religions always promise, “40 Virgins,” or, “seeing your loved ones again,” or whatever it is in their heaven! Those are *material* pleasures though - they’ve stolen their ideas from the *physical* world, in which we’re living now. That’s how we can tell that people made religions up

* “If your body was designed to receive things…” – I’m saying some slightly rude things here, I guess! If you were discovering your physical self and realised your genitals were designed to *receive* something, then you’d probably become quite picky about it (and either turned on by the feeling you were being respected, or going against that and getting a kick from it). If you discovered that your body was designed to be a potential giver, you’d think differently. People cope with the universe based on what sort of body and background they’re in (and other stuff of course).

* “If you had a sting that wasn’t barbed…” – As I say above, animals behave in ways that fit their bodies. Bees die if they use their stings, so are quite friendly, whereas wasps are little thugs who don’t care if they get into a fight! Also, I’m obviously still being rude here aren’t I?


from Run V​.​T., released August 4, 2015


all rights reserved



Ian Evans UK

Pop/experimental/rock musician and songwriter from London

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