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Liche Queen / Iron de Havilland (medley)

from The Post Office Tower by Ian Evans

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The instrumental intro, "Liche Queen," is named after a character from a Fighting Fantasy book. As a kid, I read many of them in my school library.... She was a zombie character, presumably named after the liche gates found outside graveyards. The lyrics to the rock section of the song, "Iron de Havilland," are a fairly random list of references to my life in London at the time.


I've got my bass and my Oyster card and the clippers if we need to change strings
But I'm sure there's something else to remember. What could it be?
Mr. Gladstone addressed here more like an audience row that a Queen
But I'm sure there's something else to remember. What could it be?

Iron was made by De Havilland for the first time in 1603
But I'm sure there's something else to remember. What could it be?

E.F. Schumacher worked for the Coal Board and the New Soil Committee
But I'm sure there's something else to remember. What could it be?

Wilhelm Reich was the Orgone guy, whilst his son Peter wrote Book of Dreams
Well I love Kate (but will stay open minded about Orgone). What could it be?

Dawn and Tim got together and it lifted such spirits for me
Well I'd love the other Tim and Daisy to work it out...

The secret of being good in bed is to be with the right girl or boy
It's just that and good communication


* Bass - At the time of writing this song, I played bass in Elevenses, instead of guitar, and so often had to carry one on the tube
* Oyster cards - Cards used in London to pay for public transport
* Clippers for changing strings - I always carry these in my guitar case
* Gladstone - The Victorian Prime Minister, William Gladstone. Queen Victoria accused him of talking down to her
* Iron de Havilland - In the comedy series Look Around You, Iron de Havilland is the imaginary scientist who, "invented," iron. He has one eye and a ridiculously tall head
* E.F. Schumacher - The 1960's social theorist who wrote Small is Beautiful. A good guy
* Wilhelm Reich - A scientist who believed that harnessing sexual or, "Orgone," energy could control the weather
* Peter Reich - The son of the above scientist, who wrote a book about his father's persecution by the government
* Kate - Kate Bush. Genius! Her song, "Cloud Busting," is about Peter and Wilhelm Reich's relationship
* Dawn and Tim - The romantic couple in the comedy series The Office
* Tim and Daisy - A couple in the comedy series Spaced, who definitely *should* get together and probably do. (In the DVD of extras, in the Spaced boxed set, they're shown holding a baby in a scene of their future lives)


from The Post Office Tower, released January 6, 2006
Ian Evans, all instruments and singing


all rights reserved



Ian Evans UK

Pop/experimental/rock musician and songwriter from London

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